Letter from our Academic Director

Msc. Silvia Rojas Chavarria
Academic Director

Dear parents and students,

On behalf of the teaching and administrative staff of Saint Margaret School, I cordially welcome you to the 2019 school year. We take this opportunity to extend a welcome to the new members of the SMS family, as well as those who have chosen our institution for years. Share the sublime task of training your sons and daughters.

The new school year is approaching and we are ready to resume our commitment to offer an educational environment that promotes a culture of peace and cultivates the fundamental values ​​for a healthy coexistence. With great enthusiasm, we continue our educational work with a view to creating spaces that favor meaningful educational experiences and that help to develop the skills and abilities of each educational stage.

The mission of Saint Margaret School transcends the intellectual sphere and is projected towards an integral formation. Beyond the construction of knowledge, our commitment includes the training of our students in terms of the development of ecological awareness, the appropriation of healthy living practices, the development of linguistic competences in foreign languages, the ability to use technology to benefit of knowledge, in practice, the sense of responsible freedom and the scope of divergent thinking and collaborative work.

At the doors of the new school year, I would like to resume the main role of parents in the educational and educational process of their children. We already have your presence, willingness and collaboration to meet the objectives proposed as an institution.

I thank once again the trust placed in our esteemed institution and wish you a year full of health, well-being and success.



Msc. Silvia Rojas Chavarria
Academic Director


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